Séminaire EDPAN

Organisateurs : Nicolae Cindea
Les exposés ont lieu le jeudi à 11h15 en salle 2222 du bâtiment de mathématiques (consulter le plan d'accès au laboratoire).

Décembre 2021

  • Jeudi 09 décembre 2021 - Kuntal BHANDARI

    Boundary null-controllability of some 1-D coupled parabolic systems with Kirchhoff conditions

    In this talk, we present the boundary null-controllability of some $2\times 2$ parabolic systems in 1-D that contains a linear interior coupling with real constant coefficient and a Kirchhoff-type condition through which the boundary coupling enters in the system. The control is exerted on a part of the boundary through a Dirichlet condition on either one of the two state components. We show that the controllability properties vary depending on which component the control is being applied; the choices of interior coupling coefficient and the Kirchhoff parameter play a crucial role to deduce positive or negative controllability results. To this end, we also discuss the controllability properties of some $3\times 3$ models with one or two boundary controls.

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