48th Probability Summer School
Saint-Flour (France), 08 - 20 July 2018

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Founded in 1971, this school is organised every year by the Laboratoire de Mathématiques (UMR 6620). It is supported by Clermont Auvergne University and the C.N.R.S.. It is intended for PhD students, teachers and researchers who are interested in probability theory, statistics, and in applications of these techniques.

The school has three main goals:

  • to provide, in three high level courses, a comprehensive study of a field in probability theory or statistics;
  • to enable the participants to explain their work in lectures;
  • to facilitate exchanges between the participants.

The lecturers are chosen by the Scientific Board of the school.

Lectures 2018

Hugo DUMINIL-COPIN (IHES, Institut des hautes études scientifiques) : Graphical representations of the Ising model.
Asaf NACHMIAS (Tel Aviv University) : Planar maps, random walks and the circle packing theorem.
Balint TOTH (University of Bristol and Rényi Institute Budapest) : Scaling limits for random walks and diffusion with long memory.

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Practical information

Participants will be lodged from sunday, july 08, at the Hotel des Planchettes, 7 rue des Planchettes, 15100 Saint-Flour (France). The lectures will be given at the same place. Full board accommodation of the participants is included in the registration fee; the families can also be lodged, and their accommodation should be paid for during the school.

This school is a CNRS school and consequently CNRS agents do not have to pay the registration fee.

Further information

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Online registration will open in february 2018. An announcement will be made at that time.

Previous schools

The first Saint-Flour summer schools, by P.L. Hennequin (in French)

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École d'été de Probabilités de Saint-Flour
Laboratoire de Mathématiques
Université Blaise Pascal & CNRS
Campus Universitaire des Cézeaux
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Organizing Committee: Christophe Bahadoran, Arnaud Guillin, Hacene Djellout, Laurent Serlet

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